Pip Creek




There is so much that can inspire us when designing products. Our Woodland pillows derive from drawings of the animals we encounter as we trek about.  The Furoshiki totes – multifunctional in purpose – are naturally dyed and eco-printed according to the seasons.  Art prints feature robins wearing mittens and ear muffs, rabbits, elk and horses.  Everything depends on what we are seeing out our windows, what greets us in the pasture and what we hear in the evenings as we finish chores.  Table runners, block printed and dyed, are the culmination of changing seasons as well.  We love neutrals, bold prints, with hits of colour – understated but with inflections of humour.

Maple sap, honey from our hives, flowers from the garden and other plants all find a way into our products.  100% natural and handcrafted; That's our soap and bath products in a one number and three word sentence.  Its translation into ingredients?  Essential oils, plant based oils and other ingredients found in nature.  For you, it means no worrying about phthalates, parabens and petrochemicals.  

All of our products, home and body, are crafted by hand and in small batches.  This process allows us to maintain high quality which is what you want.