Pip Creek



Our homestead is where perfectly messy moments become memories and stories to save for later. It’s a place where sweat, blood, yelling and grace have all eeked out a place to house us all, people and animals alike. Evenings in the screened porch with kids running around, friends popping by unannounced, growing, collecting and preparing honest food for our table, geese flying overhead.  We don’t always bring our polished selves to sit exhausted at day’s end, hands widened and worn from labour, sweat rings on the outside of our hats, but there is a comfort knowing a steadiness with each other, working at giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and scrubbing at life side by side. Range, barn, house and people-all tied up with each other, listening, comforting, teaching, humbling, morning sun till evening blues run through the trees and reach up to the night skies.


Self Sustenance

We’re surrounded by richness. This land, where we live under big skies, lends us so much of what we need. Garden, livestock, foraging, all of it is an exercise in gratitude. But, none of it would be possible without callous-rubbing and overall-wearing work, the kind you want to quit and leave but can’t. 

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Kitchens are busy, messy places that we would never do without. The smells and tastes bring nostalgia and connection in unforgettable ways. Here at Pip Creek, our kitchen is the hub. Family meals, food preservation, bread-making, tying our most favourite pancetta, washing eggs – all happen here.

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Flinging ourselves headfirst into the next day, year or whatever future we’re given isn’t solely what we are about. We are learning as best as we can, making do the best with what we’re given and from time to time, we make room to sit and take account.  

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Farmhouse Functional

Simple, able pieces ready to fit into a daily life struck by abundance and glorying in the grace of small things. Our baskets, towels and food wraps aren’t made to be accumulative but rather, our pieces are meant to be considered and intentional, just so with the rest of our lives.


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