Pip Creek




There is so much that can inspire us when we are designing products. Our textiles feature lakes, rivers and some of the animals we encounter as we trek about. Photo and art prints feature the animals we work with, the cows, the horses and the land we live on.  Storage baskets, block printed, painted and dyed, are the culmination of changing seasons as well.  We love neutrals, bold prints, with hits of colour – understated but with inflections of humour. Our home tends to double as our studio – it becomes a place to experiment and create – to find solutions that make life more curious and beautiful.  


The Day to Day

The stories that happen here, day by day, are more than just stories but a way of life for neighbours and communities. Being able to document some of these ways of life is an ongoing project. A limited number of prints are available, printed on Hannemuhle fine art paper.

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I find myself seated at the table. It’s here where whatever is driving me can quit nipping, sit easy for a bit, tongue lolling, watching and content now that I’m here at the table. A hard move through whatever else happens between workshop days, becomes part of what is made in the studio. The workshop doesn’t happen without all of the other. It’s a fine balance that never seems balanced, until I sit, and let my hands do their work.

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Colour + Seasonality

The tone of light shifts from season to season. The plants colouring the landscape mirror back that same light flowing and trickling its way past us. And so, the products here do the same. Through paint, botanical dyes, and carved images, the annual seasons seep into what is made here.

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Texture + Form

Pleasing to the hand and eye, unadulterated and spare, defined by functionality: These phrases are the cascading order by which we design and create our wares. Good looking and hard working is what it comes down to around here. 

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