Pip Creek


House Concert: Zachary Lucky January 18

zachary lucky.jpg

Hey all! I’m super excited to let you all know we’ll be having a house concert here January 18, 2019. Zachary and I instamet via my other Instagram account this past fall. Turns out he’s pretty good friends with our neighbours on the other side of the creek. We’re pretty happy to have some live music going on here in the depths of winter. The dark creeps out past the corners of the house during January. We spend our evenings with feet tucked up beneath us, passing time by the fire or tending the fire out in the blue fish shack, the lake moaning beneath our feet or hustling to another rink. A gathering of friends and family seemed an ideal punctuation to the cold nights that present themselves before supper is set out on to the table. If you’d like, send an email via the contact page if you’d like to attend.

zachary lucky 2.jpg