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Pip Creek Farm + Studio

Welcome to Pip Creek Farm. Our farm and home is located just where boreal forests yield against prairie horizons in Inglis, Manitoba, Canada. Here, we create and craft farmhouse functional goods that compliment daily living. We strive to provide you with quality products, whether cold-process soaps, Un-plastic Food Wrap, home goods, or our grass-fed beef.

Belief in our products is necessary. We use them everyday for laundry, cleaning, cooking and in all of the many other moments that make up our lives. 


Learning About Abundance

Is it fall?  Maybe.  There is a definite feeling around the place saying fall.  A knowing that change is occurring all around us. Or maybe fall is an excuse for spiritual resurfacing amongst the physical change. 

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Grey Canvas Storage Bag

Hand-dyed with natural, no waste dye and hand-painted, by the piece, with non toxic paint. This is a one of a kind piece. Functional, ready as a catch-all. Mitts, socks, linens, books from your bedside, even plants (with a drip tray of course!). 

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Retreat Offerings

Our upcoming retreats are gatherings that celebrate learning, community and slowing down for moments to create and be grounded.  Come join us in our home, refurbished hip-roof barn and town to nourish creativity and to connect the future to the past by embracing traditional living skills.

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Wool Blend Blanket

Heavy and warm, this throw has a blanket and grit saddle-blanket pattern and is hemmed on its end with a blanket stitch. The sides are naturally frayed.  

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Simple Roasted Squash with Feta and Rosemary

Scraped down to the essentials this recipe requires some sort of fat to add depth, a stove or oven and squash.  The feta, parsley, rosemary and seasonings make for a more elaborate experience.  

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